Prof. Peter Thomas

Prof. Peter Thomas

Personal data
Born: 5.3.1956 in Augsburg-Goeggingen, Germany
Family: Married, two children

Medical education
State board examination: 7.11.1985 in Munich
18.11.1985 in Munich
ECFMG-Examination: 21.1.1986 American Medical Examination (Basic Science and Clinical Science)
Doctoral thesis: 1987 (University of Munich, Lymphocyte Activation Studies in Atopics and non Allergics, summa cum laude)

Working career
1.1.1986 – 31.10.1986 (Radiology, city hospital Kempten)
1.11.1986 – 31.7.1987 (Gynecology, city hospital Augsburg)
1.8.1987 – 31.8.1988 (Research Assistant, Institute for Immunology, University of Munich)

Research Fellow                                  
1.10.1988 – 30.6.1990 (Department of Immunology, Johns-Hopkins University, Baltimore, and La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, San Diego)
Specialty Training: Starting from 15.7.1990, Klinik und Poliklinik für Dermatologie und Allergologie der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Board examination (Dermatology) – 21.6.1995

Further Specialties:
Allergology:  12.7.1995
Environmental Medicine 20.12.1996
PBL (problem based learning) 10/1999 (Harvard Medical School)

Habilitation: 12.1.2000 (Influence of Environmental Pollutants on Allergic Inflammation), 24.2.2000 Associate Professor, 9.11.2006 Professor
Clinical Topics.
Metal Implant Special Ambulatory, General Dermatology, Organisation of Student Teaching at Medical Faculty

Scientific Topics
Metal Implant Allergy (unique special ambulatory for respective patients, register), together with Prof. Bader head of Working Group AG 11 „Metal Implant Intolerance“ of the German Orthopaedic Society, research projects on T-lymphocyte activation, cytokine production and relation between contact Allergy and periimplant inflammation.

Over 120 original papers, 42 textbook-contributions, reviewer for 10 medical journals and several research foundations, member of 7 medical societies

3 research awards

Munich,  2018

Allergy to implants